Telling stories that challenge the way we see the world.

Ever since I saw my home, Greece, fall apart, hearing news stories that didn't tell it all and seeing my family and friends suffering without a voice, I was inspired to produce documentaries. I saw the power film could have in invoking change and I wanted to be a part of it. In todays time, a world of fake news, Trumpism and a rise in right wing ideology, I see it as a duty for video and journalism to inform the world on realities and not realities based on political agenda. 


Producing character led documentaries I am aim to empower, to give a voice, to challenge and to change the way we see the world.

Capturing the story behind the lens.

Photographing people and communities in their most natural and desired way has been the driver of my creative work. Drawn by emotions and the different ways of life, I  aim to give the power to the person I am photographing and let them show the lens their story.


With intimate photos, I immerse the audience into the reality of others; building a bridge between the world’s differences.

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