Run down and neglected, The Parade is a place I walked through with my headphones engulfed in a world of my own. Embarrassingly it took a pandemic for me to open my eyes, take my headphones out and see this as a space of community, a place where time has stood still for many and has remained a central part of their social lives for decades. Speaking to the locals and immersing myself in the culture of the street, has made The Parade a special place for me. Facing a drastic regeneration project, I worry unaffordable housing and cafes will price the locals out so I want to use my skills as a storyteller to give a voice to the community and challenge how we modernise areas of social deprivation. 

The Parade is a mini series I started during November's lockdown. It involves 1 - 2 minute videos of the people i met on my walks down my neighbourhood high street, East Street and The Parade. It aims to use humour and a light hearted tone to highlight the underlying struggles of Britains working class.