Women of India

Whilst studying at Panjab Univeristity about the 'Gender issues in India," my partner and I 

were inspired by the determination, strength and independence of the female Indian students studying their Masters, challenging the patriarchal ideologies of women not being worthy of education. Meeting more women, farmers, entrepreneurs and charity founders, inspired us to tell the stories of the strength of these women, through a photography project. Showing the ‘western world’ a different perspective to how women in India challenge the strict male ruling and are powerful and worthy members of society. It was a very simple process where we took a portrait photo and asked them:

How do you empower yourself as a woman?

After arriving back to the UK, we decided to produce an exhibition to bring together people to an inspiring evening showcasing the unheard voices of all the amazing women we encountered during our trip. Women from rural villages, women who have defied social norms and reached positions of power within society and those fighting for women’s rights in the country.The event was all in support of Saanjhi, a social enterprise we visited that makes unique fashion products with a focus on empowering women with jobs.

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