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A couple weeks into the first lockdown, I was missing capturing stories of people so I put through a note in my neighbours door asking if they would like to take part in a neighbourhood project (from a distance of course). Two meters apart, I chatted to neighbours I had never met, we spoke about our experience, our ups and downs which, in itself was lovely and grounding.


For many, time has stood still during lockdown, challenging us to find happiness, escapism and a grip on normality in some unexpected ways. For me, taking photos has been the most significant and helpful pastime throughout lockdown. It focused my creativity and gave me a daily purpose, making me wonder what other people’s would be. 

I asked each person to think of a prop that has given them some purpose during the lockdown and got all sorts of wonderful responses. From bikes, to musical instruments, to pregnancy books to paintings. 

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"I have learnt to ride my bike and it’s not my second favorite thing to do. My favorite thing is playing football.”


“I love riding my bike, I like putting my babies in the unicorn basket.”



“Being in lockdown with a 15 month old requires a lot of entertainment! We have spent many hours over the past weeks in the garden with this bubble machine. Iris loves it. “

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“I chose the flag because I am a firefighter and the rainbow symbol has been used long before COVID - 19 as a unity symbol that you can weather any storm, that we are all diverse in different ways, but we are all united in these times and times moving forwards. Its been awesome to see such a united front for the NHS and the emergency services.”​”



"I have been learning the Irish fiddle for 3 years now. It has kept me going through this COVID lockdown. I do miss my sessions with other musicians though. I still play every day and I played out on the street for the first time the other day. 


"She does play beautifully."

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"We’ve been counting our weeks of pregnancy and reading about the exciting journey our little bump is taking in the hefty DK book Mark’s holding. As for the incredible pink Trandescantia, my grandma gave me a little cutting shortly before she passed, so to see if becoming this amazing flourish of colour and life has been so uplifting."

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"I just grabbed the last thing we had been doing together, it’s a colouring book - called Art Therapy. I like to colour in to keep my hands busy and it makes me feel calms. Zac likes colouring too and finds it funny to watch a grown up do colouring in. "

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