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MAZI is a new initiative that aims to tackle food insecurity for 16 - 25 year olds living in supported accommodation. From care leavers, youth recovering from homelessness or young asylum seekers. 


With a combination of delicious food, creative storytelling and local collaborations, MAZI wants to transform the way vulnerable people have access to healthy food whilst inspiring them to cook sustainably.

*Official website coming soon*


MAZI will deliver a weekly meal box with 3 recipes, the necessary ingredients which will all be locally sourced and the nutritional information for each meal. The boxes and recipes will be designed alongside the young people and local chefs to ensure they are helpful, healthy and most importantly tasty


Every fortnight, the box hopes to include a special sweet and savoury treat that will introduce the young people to Bristol's independent food scene, new flavours and simply provide some tasty comfort we all need.


Using our social media platform and my knowledge as a filmmaker and photographer, MAZI will promote it’s values, it’s partners and the young people through creative content.


It will be a channel that will connect young people in supported accommodation with Bristol’s food story, building a bridge between the food disparity in the city.


MAZI means ‘together’ in Greek.


Built on the idea of community spirit and grass root action, MAZI wants to create a collective of individuals, restaurants, delis and farms to share the power of food and create lasting change for those in need. It is also a chance to help inject money into the local economy. 


As well as the young people, MAZI wants everyone to benefit from the collective through the exchange of skills, ideas and resources. 




  • Do you have any spare stock at the end of your week/month that could be a part of our meal boxes?

  • Do you have some amazing, simple and tasty recipes you would like to donate? 

  • Do you want to host a cook along/cooking class for some of the young people? 

  • Do you have any ideas/products/services that the young people could benefit from?

We are looking for anyone that thinks they might be able to contribute to MAZI's goal, so if you have an idea of how you can help please get in touch: or follow us on our Instagram @themaziproject



I originally launched MAZI following the Free School Meal scandal which sparked national outrage and highlighted the extent of the disconnect between politicians and those in need. Channeling my frustration, I set up a fundraiser to provide families eligible for free school meals with food vouchers. In only 5 days we managed to raise £1000 (our original target) and help ensure over 20 children had food on the table. MAZI is continuing this fundraiser as a form of emergency aid during lockdown. 


Food is one of my biggest passions, it has been central to my life in many ways and has given me experiences, memories and knowledge that I carry with me everywhere. This love that I have for food and it's power is the driver behind the project and what I hope to inspire in the people we work with. 

After the amazing support for the fundraiser, I decided to refine MAZI as an organisation and focus on 16 - 25 year olds living in supported accomodation. Whether they are care leavers, youth recovering from homelessness or young asylum seekers, I felt that’s where I could use my skills and experience to provide the most help.

The ethos of MAZI is based on the idea of working together at community and grass roots level to help those in need and create lasting change.


If you think you can help or have any ideas please get in touch:

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